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      I would like to introduce King Imprint, his passion for the entertainment industry as a hip-hop dancer has made him a Youtube Star, as he has accumulated over 1.1 million subscribers and 296 Million views on his channel.  He is Instagram verified with over 761,000 followers.  He landed the opportunity to Tour and host Fresh Empire Events. 

July 10             Los Angles                 Casting Consultan

July 9, 2017           St. Charles, La           Silent Party    TBA

May 8, 2017         Gulf Port, Mississippi         Iheart Radio

May 8, 2017        Gulf Port, Mississippi    JZ 94.5 The People Station

April 1,  2017           New York City           Ripley Grier Studios


March 31, 2017      Far Rockaway, NY    Sorrentino  Recreation Center        

March 25, 2017       Nashville, TN           MARATHON MUSIC WORKS



Mach 24, 2017          Atlanta, GA              The Loft at Center Stage


March 18, 2017         Atlanta, GA              112 Meg- Plex /Crowe's Nest

March 11, 2017     Greensboro, NC        Greene Street Night Club

Feb. 25, 2017          Columbia, SC               Music Farm columbia

Jan. 28, 2017           Chicago, Il                   Basline | 2239 S. Michigan 

Jan. 15, 2017          Atlanta, GA                 Center Stage

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